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We took sometime to put together the best surf spots on the south shores of Oahu as listed below the videos will go in order starting first with the amazing Ala Moana Bowls. Each surf spots has its own unique thing that makes it different some swells pull more one way than another some areas have more coral than others. We always recommend you check the surfing conditions before you go out the weather can rapidly change at any moment and make it very difficult to get back in. Know your limits

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  1. ALA MOANA BOWLS: Sharp and shallow left-hand reef break. The South Shore’s main attraction when it comes to long, hollow, draining barrels and high-performance surfing. Ala Mo or simply Bowls is one of the premier waves in “Town” (Honolulu). With its prestigious reputation comes fierce crowds and a highly competitive lineup, especially for non-locals.


  2. KAISERS: Reef break. Bowly hollow right with a softer left. The right empties into a channel and the left goes over some very shallow reef. Busy and highly competitive. Advanced intermediates to expert only. Best on a mid tide.


  3. THREE’S: Reef break. Fast and hollow right-hander. All levels of surfers can be found in the lineup.


  4. CANOES: Reef break. Fun and mellow waves on offer on smaller days with lots of ocean kayaks and outrigger canoes cruising through at any given moment. When a decent south swell fills in it thins out the canoe population and attracts more of the local ripper crew who want a piece of the draining right-hand barrel.


  5. QUEENS: Reef beak closest to Town, so always crowded and with lots of beginners. Depending on the size and swell direction either the left or the right will be longer and better. On a bigger south swell the left could get really good and be one of the most rippable waves in Town.


  6. PUBLICS: Reef break. Sharp and shallow with live coral reef. One of the longest lefts and most consistent surf breaks around Honolulu. A bit of a paddle out and dangerously shallow at low tides, best to avoid getting in or out at a dead low. Softer wave on a higher tide and hollower on a lower tide.



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