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Lanikai Beach has always been one of our favorite beaches on the island of Oahu. Its crystal clear blue water, soft powdery sand, and scenic backdrop is the exact reason why Hawaii is a travel destination. As you sit on the shores of Lanikai, you’ll notice two small islands directly in front of you. These two islands, aptly named Na Mokulua, which in Hawaiian means The Two Islands, has always intrigued me. On any given day, schools of kayakers make the trip from either Lanikai Beach or the neighboring Kailua Beach Park, to “Mokes,” the name that the two islands is affectionately referenced to by locals. Kayaking isn't the only way to have fun Kailua there is the famous Lanikai pill box hike. This is all located in the city known as Kailua and is a great town to explore while you are out that area. Lot of good food and shopping and activities.

Time Commitment

6-8 hours

How To Get There

Directions to Kailua Beach Park: From Honolulu, you’ll take the Pali Highway toward Kailua,

Go straight onto HI-61 N and then continue onto Kailua Rd.

Continue onto Kuulei Road and then turn right onto S Kalaheo Ave.

S Kalaheo Ave turns slightly left and becomes Lihiwai Rd. Continue onto Kawailoa Road and Kailua Beach will be 










  • Bring sunscreen
  • cameras 
  • dry bag
  • snacks 


Total Time: About 2.5 -3.5 hours.
Total Distance: About 5 miles roundtrip.

 The distance between Kailua Beach Park and the Mokulua Islands is just 2.5 miles.

Tips for Kayaking to Mokulua Islands, or Mokes: 

Make sure to watch the wind and wave conditions as they can pick up at anytime and keep make it hard to paddle to or from.

We will always make sure to let you know if its safe to go or not but its best to be watching the weather yourself as things can change quickly in the ocean. 


Lanikai pillbox hike: One of Oahu most popular hikes with rewarding view of the Mokulua  island and amazing views of lanikai beach. 


It is a very moderate hike that is family friendly for almost everyone it does require some uphill climbing at the begging of the hike.


Once you get to the top the reward is worth it.

Where To Park

Parking in Lanikai or Kailua can be a challenge it best to show up early to get the best spot or youll be stuck looking for street parking.

Which there is tons of but it fills up quick so its always best to get there early to  find a good place to park for the day. 



Suggested Equipment

We offer several different rental items to help make your experience that much better and get you from point A to point B.




  • Mopeds - a moped or scooter opens the door for endless fun and our premium model can be drove all around the island ask us for more info.
  • Motorcycles- Require Motorcycle endorsement, we have everything from Harleys to Hondas and everything in between, check out our rentals tab to see our full list on inventory.
  • Bicycle - Great option for exercise and fun at the same time we offer pedal assist bike and regular road bikes to fit each rider.
  • Also check out our associated rental tab under each experience it will list our recommended rentals for each experience.



130 Kailua Rd,
Kailua, HI 96734, Hi 96734


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