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Experience one of hawaiis best snorkeling spot
Parks open 8am - 5pm daily
$5 dollar entry fee for parking and entrance into the gate.

Hanauma Bay Hawaii
Hanauma Bay Photo By Floyd Manzano
Hanauma Bay Hawaii GOPR5226 Hanauma Bay Photo By Floyd Manzano



Hanauma Bay has long been one of the island of Oahu’s jewels. Native Hawaiians have been enjoying life on the bay for thousands of years. The beach and surrounding natural park get their name from two Hawaiian words: “hana” which means bay and “uma” which means curved. To the Hawaiians, Hanauma Bay has long been part of their history. In fact, there are many legends about how the curved bay got its name. The bay was historically an excellent area for fishing. Records show that the Hawaiian royalty in the 1800s often stayed at the bay for entertainment and fishing. Today Hanauma Bay sees on average 3000 visitors a day, or approximately 1 million visitors per year and making it the Top 3 destinations on Oahu. Today, Hanauma Bay limits visitors and focuses on educating tourists on the natural wildlife of the area. The vast majority of these are tourists, but locals here on Oahu love this beach as well and many of them visit it daily.

Time Commitment

4-5 hours

How To Get There




ADDRESS : 7455 Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu 96825


HOURS: Hanauma Bay is open from 06.00am to 06.00pm.

The bay is closed to the public every Tuesday, Christmas Day and New Years Day to allow the fish a day of feeding without interruption.


You will want to bring the following items: 

  • Sunscreen
  • water & snacks
  • snorkel set 
  •  Beach towel
  •  beach chairs 


The entrance into the state park is USD$7.50 per adult and children 12 and under are free. Before you are permitted into down on the bay, you must watch a short video about Hanauma Bay and as a visitor what we are permitted and not permitted to do.

The theatre times are allocated so when you buy your park entrance fee, you are presented with a ticket with a time. You have to make your way to the theatre at the appointed time. This way it regulates the number of people moving down to the bay at any given time and so that everyone can fit in the theatre.

If you intend on retuning to Hanauma Bay within the year, you can sign your name on a list at the information booth, so you don’t have to watch the video again.


Lockers are available for you to you if you wish.
Small locker: Enough to fit keys, phone and wallet. USD$8.00
Large locker: Big enough to fit a backpack. USD$10.00

May 2018, Hawaii became the first state in the nation to pass legislation banning sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, which destroy coral reefs. Use a water-resistant as it washes off your body when swimming and enters the marine environment. You are also encouraged to use creams instead of sprays as the spray also ends up on the sand which at high tide gets washed out into the ocean resulting in additional contamination.

Reef shoes are not required as you’re not allowed to touch let alone walk on the reef anyway. And the bay is sandy and there are no rocks to worry about.

Unbeknownst to most, the bay is subjected to strong currents and rips. Unlike Waimea Bay where the water is calm and resembles a huge swimming pool, Hanauma Bay isn’t. There are plenty of signs warning beach goers that if you’re not a good swimmer, don’t venture into the water snorkelling. When we were further out, the currents were pretty strong, and we were swept around a fair bit.
At around 3pm, we were provided with a warning that the tides were coming in and to be aware that water levels were rising and to get out of the water if you weren’t a strong swimmer. A reminder again that flotation devices are not available for rent.


We offer Snorkel sets for $5. W also rent beach packages that come with 2 snorkel set and all the gear and things youd want for your vacation.

You are not permitted by law to touch, walk or mistreat any of the coral reef or animals in the water. This is a protected marine park, and everyone is responsible for the conservation of this area


Please take all rubbish with you before you leave the park. 


Where To Park

The parking lot at Hanauma Bay is relatively small and fills up daily. Depending on the season and weather conditions, the parking lot fills up around 7:00 am.

When filled to capacity the security guards at the top of the hill are notified and no other public vehicles are allowed to enter.

If you drive to Hanauma Bay using your own vehicle then there is a $1.00 parking fee per vehicle. If you are dropping off friends or family and leave within 15 minutes you can get your dollar back.

Suggested Equipment

We offer several different rental items to help make your experience that much better and get you from point A to point B.

Mopeds - a moped or scooter opens the door for endless fun and our premium model can be drove all around the island ask us for more info.
Motorcycles- Require Motorcycle endorsement, we have everything from Harleys to Hondas and everything in between, check out our rentals tab to see our full list on inventory.
Bicycle - Great option for exercise and fun at the same time we offer pedal assist bike and regular road bikes to fit each rider.
Electric scooters- would be good for one ride there and back.


Also check out our associated rental tab under each experience it will list our recommended rentals for each experience.


7455 Kalanianaole Hwy,
Honolulu , HI 96825


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